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Interpreting for the Deaf:

Education and Training:
Interpreting: "How to become an Interpreter"
Interpreting in California
Interpreting in Texas

Distance Education for ASL Interpreters - Lynda
How to become an interpreter / How much you can earn - Lynda
Fees: Minimum per class? - Lynda
Fees: Who pays?- Lynda
Interpreter Pay
Interpreting:  The Necessity For Sign Language Interpreters

Degree Requirements for interpreting
California:  Title 5  (Interpreter Qualifications) - Lynda

Educational Interpreter Performance Assessment (EIPA) - Lynda

Hands on:
Interpretations (samples)
Shakespeare - Lynda
Interpreting: "Can an interpreter still go to the Deaf Club?
Interpreting: "Educational Interpreting"
Interpreting: Sample Legislation
Interpreting: What are the negatives?

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