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American Sign Language: "with"

The sign WITH can be modified to mean many different things. For a more advanced discussion of this sign, see: "WITH" (advanced discussion)

The sign for "WITH" is made by forming the letter "a" with both hands.  Place both your hands together, palms facing. 

WITH / together:


If you hold the "A" hands together and then make a sweeping horizontal circle (while keeping them together--looks like you are stirring a witch's brew on Halloween) it shows "solidarity." As in the group is working together:


Note: There are many signs related to the sign "WITH." 

For example, the signs in-front-of, behind, follow, catch-up, chase, fall-behind, accompany, together, go-with, go-steady, race, compete, and subordinate are all variations of the sign "WITH."

For more information, see: "WITH" (advanced discussion)

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