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American Sign Language: "take"

The right sign for "take" depends on your meaning.

If you mean "take" as in "take a class" then you are going to use the version that also means "adopt" as in "We want to adopt a baby" and/or "evaporate" as in, "The sun "evaporated" all the water. 

TAKE:  TAKE-up / adopt / evaporate / soak-up:

Sample sentence: "Where are you taking sign?"

Okay, let's review this very important version of "take."

* It uses two hands
* It starts using palm-down, loose, "5-hands"
* It changes to "S" hands

Remember, this sign means things like:
- to take a class
- to adopt a method or a child
- to evaporate
- It doesn’t mean to “take from”



If you mean "take" as in, "I took the candy from the baby" you would use a grabbing movement.


If you mean "take" as in, "I take aspirin daily," then hold an imaginary pill between your middle finger and your thumb and "pop" it into your mouth.  You can also hold the pill between your index finger and your thumb.


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