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American Sign Language: "article"

The sign for "article" can also be used to mean:
  COLUMN ( As in a newspaper column)
  SECTION (As in a section in the newspaper)

Use the thumb and index finger to show the width of an article. Move the dominant hand down the palm of the base hand.  I sign this with the left fingertips pointing upward.  Another way to sign it is with the left fingertips pointing forward. (Which means your non-dominant hand can be either horizontal or vertical. Do it whatever way is done by your local Deaf or your ASL instructor.)

To interpret this sign correctly you must have some sort of context. For example, you could sign "newspaper article" by first signing newspaper and then signing "COLUMN"

"Newspaper Article"

Note: Usually the sign for "NEWSPAPER" uses a double movement (as a noun/verb pair with "PRINT") but when compounded with the ARTICLE sign you can drop one of the movements of the NEWSPAPER sign and your meaning is still obvious.



Sample sentence: Do you like to read research articles?

Variation of the sign "article" or "column" (or "strip" on the wall).


Another variation of the sign for "article"


I opened up a newspaper and there was an article: 


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