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American Sign Language: "apply"

The sign for "apply" has two popular variations:

The first version of apply is a very general sign that has many interpretations depending on the rest of your sentence:

"run for" as in "run for office"
"I'm willing"
"shirt" (use a double motion in context)

Sample sentence: "How many jobs have you applied for?" = JOB YOU APPLY BEFORE, HOW MANY?


Another popular sign for "apply" brings a "V" hand down over a "1" hand.  (In the old days offices used to use a small sharp "post" sticking up in an "in box" upon which people would stick their papers. The post kept the papers in place and in order.)
This version of the sign can be used to mean such things as:

"apply to"
"file" as in "file a complaint"
"applicable" as in  "that is not applicable" or "that doesn't apply in this situation"



Sample sentence:

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