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American Sign Language:   "adult / tall" vs "raised / grow up"

ADULT / tall:
Let's compare "grow up" with a variation of that sign that we will call: ADULT.
This version of ADULT can also mean "tall." (Or more specifically, one of the versions for the sign for "tall.")
Hold a bent hand near your forehead and then move it up and out a bit quickly.


RAISED / grow up:
Show the person getting taller. Use one smooth relatively quick movement.

ADULT (initialized version)
This is an initialized version of "parent" based on mother/father, boy/girl locations.  It uses the letter "A" to represent the idea of "adult."  Many d/Deaf people use this version, but your local teacher might consider it to be "signed English" so use this version with caution.

Note:  If you replace the "A" with a "T" it means "teenager."  Some people feel that you should sign teenager by signing "young."

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