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American Sign Language: "add"

The concept of "add" can be done a couple of ways.  
Generally we either use the "plus" sign or the "add to" sign.

ADD-to = "add" = "additionally" = "in addition to" = "extra"



Note: This sign is also good for keeping the vampires away. I haven't been bitten once. (That I know of.)

Note:  While I start with the right finger farther out than the left and then bring the right finger back (from "out to in") -- I've noticed that many of my friends start with the right finger between their chest and their left finger and then move their right finger forward until it touches the left finger.


Dear Dr. Bill,
For the signs ADD-TO and PLUS, I'm confused as about when i should use which sign. If someone asked me "What is 23 plus 41?", would that use the ADD-TO sign, or the PLUS sign?
- Roo

Dear Roo,
You would use the PLUS sign.
In general if I were talking about basic math I'd use the PLUS sign. For example, if I have 23 people from the bride's family plus 41 from the groom's family, I'll need 64 chairs.
If I were talking about adding more of something to an established amount I'd use the "ADD-TO" sign.  For example, "In addition to the bride and groom's families we will need chairs for the other guests (and some Tylenol)."  The "ADD-to" sign is good for concepts like, "extra" or "additional."
--Dr. Bill


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