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Lesson 8:  

Lesson Objectives:
___ I know a bit about ...Gallaudet, Thomas Hopkins
___ I know a bit about ...Gallaudet University
___ I can recognize and sign numbers 1,000,000 and up
___ I understand the concept of Classifier: H
___ I am able to recognize and sign the practice sentences and story for this lesson
___ I have taken the Lesson 8 Quiz
___ I have taken the general practice quiz for this lesson.  See: PRACTICE QUIZZES
___ I am done with Lesson


CHANGE-[adapt, convert]
GLASSES-[Also see: Gallaudet]
[Variation: "dress"]

Practice Sheet 8.A
01. BACKPACK, YOU HAVE? (Do you have a backpack?) [L8]  Other version: (2)
02. YOUR HOUSE, CLOTHES DIRTY,  PUT-in BASKET WHO? (Who picks up dirty clothes at your house?) [L8]
03. YOUR HEARING-AID, BATTERY, WHAT-KIND? (What kind of hearing-aid battery do you use?)  [L8]
04. YOUR BELT, COLOR? (What color is your belt?) [L8]
05. YOU CHANGE CLOTHES, WHEN? (When do you change clothes?) [L8]

Practice Sheet 8.B
06. DOCTOR L-A-B COAT, COLOR? (What color is a doctor’s lab coat?) [L8]
07. CLOTHES DIRTY, SHOULD PUT WHERE? (Where should we put dirty clothes? [L8]
08. WHO THIS ROOM HAVE GLASSES? (Who in this room has glasses?) [L8]
09. HEARING-AID, WHO HAVE? (Who has a hearing aid?) [L8]
10. YOU LIKE WASHING-MACHINE CLOTHES? (Do you like doing laundry?) [L8]

Practice Sheet 8.C
11. SUPPOSE YOU GO CHURCH, PANTS [bodyshift]-OR DRESS WHICH YOU? (If you go to church, do you wear pants or do you wear a dress?) [L8]
12. "PANTS", SPELL (Spell the word "pants.") [L8]
13. SCHOOL FINISH, YOUR MOM PICK-UP YOU, what-TIME?  (What time does your mom pick you up after school?) [L8]
14. YOUR SHIRT, what-COLOR? (What color is your shirt?) [L8]
15. SHOES, YOU HAVE HOW-MANY ? (How many pairs of shoes do you have?) [L8]

Practice Sheet 8.D
16. YOUR SOCKS, what-COLOR? (What color are your socks?) [L8]
17. YOU THINK CHILDREN SHOULD CHANGE UNDERWEAR DAILY? (Do you think children should change their underwear everyday?) [L8]
18. PIZZA bodyshift-OR HAMBURGER YOU FAVORITE-[prefer] WHICH? (Which would you rather have, pizza or a hamburger?) [L8]
19. YOUR BACKPACK HAVE ZIP? (Does your backpack have a zipper?) [L8]
20. YOU WANT GO GALLAUDET FUTURE-[someday]? (Do you want to go to Gallaudet University someday?) [L8]

Story 8

MY MOM WASHING-MACHINE EVERYDAY. I-HELP-HER. WASHING-MACHINE I (shift your body to face slightly to the right, open lid of washing machine" (face forward again) CLOTHES DIRTY (shift your body slightly to the left-act out putting dirty clothes into the washer). PANTS, SHIRT, SOCKS, UNDERWEAR "throw-into washer." MY HEARING AID? I DON'T-LIKE. Take-off-HEARING-AID, (Crain your neck, look for mom, check both directions while keeping the right hand in an "x" handshape then change your handshape into the "PUT" sign and quickly put the hearing aid into the washer and close the lid. Clasp your hands, smile with wide eyes, and try to look innocent." MOM FIND, MAD! SHE. 


Classifier: H.  The "H" handshape can be used to show things like a belt or a tie.

A student asks: When signing "Do you have a backpack?", do you sign 'backpack' then 'have', then'you'?   Also, when signing 'have', do you sign "have" or do you show possession using the "b" sign?

Response: You can either topicalize the sentence (Object, Subject Verb) or you can just use Subject Verb Object.
In general it is fine to just sign, YOU HAVE BACKPACK? 
Consider the differences in these two English sentences:
1.  Do you have a backpack?
2.  Do you have the backpack?
These two sentences have slightly different meanings.
Similarly, the sentence "BACKPACK, HAVE YOU?" would be used to introduce or reintroduce the concept "backpack" into the conversation and then ask a question about it.
The sentence "YOU HAVE BACKPACK" could be interpreted either way, "a backpack" or "the backpack" but it tends to assume that the person already knows we are talking about a particular backpack.
The sign "have" would use "bent hands" touching the chest. See "HAVE."

Note: The sign for shirt can be done with one hand or two.  If you do it with one hand though it might be mistaken for the sign "volunteer."

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